ACLU raises new concerns with Baltimore curfew

May 2, 2015


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The following can be attributed to Deborah Jeon, Legal Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland:


“The people of Baltimore have marched, demonstrated, and exercised their rights for days largely without incident. The curfew is an extraordinary measure that has clearly outlived its usefulness, and reminds city residents of their broken relationship with police. At this point, it is being used to restrict the First Amendment rights of protestors, legal observers, and the media, and is engendering needless tension and hostility. It creates, not deters, a climate of fear, and burdens Baltimore residents’ ability to simply go about their lives. Many have expressed concern that the curfew is being enforced selectively and arbitrarily. We urge the Mayor to immediately lift the curfew and restore normalcy to our beloved city.”