ACLU Mobile Justice App Outreach Team 


THE TIME HAS (NEARLY) COME. We have been hearing from activists across the state asking about the ACLU Mobile Justice App and when it will be available in Maryland. The answer: VERY SOON


Over the last year, and especially following the police-involved death of Baltimore's Freddie Gray, people in Maryland and the nation have been awakening to the cry for justice coming from communities whose trust in law enforcement has been shattered by police abuse, discrimination and misconduct, as well as the failure of our justice system to hold police accountable.


The app (for iPhone and Android) will allow you to take secure video of police interactions and send it to the ACLU so it cannot be deleted or lost if your phone is confiscated by police. Importantly, it will offer an intake survey where you can describe the who/what/where/when/why? of incident.


Want to be part of our Mobile Justice Outreach Team? We will need YOUR HELP getting the word out when the app is ready. Email Brittany Oliver at to get involved.  


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