Useful Links

Organizational Links

Abell Foundation:

National NAACP:

People for the American Way:

National ACLU:

ACLU Affiliates: see national link
ABA (American Bar Association) Network:

Casa de Maryland:

Equality Maryland:

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center of Baltimore and Central Maryland:

Advocates for Self Government:

US Immigration and Naturalization Service:

Council on American-Islamic Relations - Maryland:

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee:

Asian American Rights:

Mexican American Rights:

Sikh Resources:

Native American Rights:

American Communication Association:

Center for Democracy and Technology:

Freedom Magazine:

American Library Association, Office for Intellectual Freedom:

Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Free Speech

Americans United for Separation of Church and State:


National Organization for Women (NOW):

ACLU GLBT Rights Campaign:

The National Abortion and Reproductive Rights League Foundation:

Planned Parenthood Federation of America:

Legal Links

For legal and self-help information tailored to Maryland residents, visit, a website supported by Maryland's non-profit legal services providers, in partnership with the courts, as a service to the public.

'Lectric Law Library:

NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund:

Lawyers Commission for Civil Rights Under Law:

Legal dot Net:

Legal Information Institute and Project Hermes:

Library of Congress:

NoloPress Self-Help Law Center:

The World Wide Web Virtual Library - Law:

The WWLIA Legal Dictionary:

Government Links

Maryland Facts:

Congressional Record Text:

Constitution of the US:

Piper Resources - State Public Information in a Digital Age:

Thomas - Legislative Information on the Internet:

Voting Links

League of Women Voters:

Project VoteSmart:

Contact Politicians

ACLU-MD Action Center

The Jefferson Project:

National Political Index:

The United States Senate:

The US House of Representatives:

Welcome to the White House:

Freedom of Expression Links

First Amendment Cyber-Tribune (FACT): http://fact.trib.comAmerican Communication Association WWW:

Free Speech Museum:

The Censorship Pages:

The Bill of Rights Quad: The Bill of Rights Freedom of Speech:

Communication322: The History and Theory of Freedom of Expression:

CDA Unconstitutional:

Freedom Magazine: Freedom of Speech at Risk:

First Amendment Cyber-Tribune (FACT):

FACTNet Topics in First Amendment Rights and the Internet:

Internet Resources - Free Speech and Censors

ACLU Cyber-Liberties -- Privacy and Encryption Page

ACLU: Cyberliberties:

Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Free Speech

Freedom forum:

National Freedom of Information Coaliton:

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press:

Privacy Links

Privacy and Secrecy:

Project on Government:

Privacy International:



Electronic Privacy Information Center:

Internet Privacy Coalition:

Constitution and Amendment Links

US Constitution:

Bill of Rights info:

Historical Links

Declaration of Indepedence article:

Thomas Paine:

Federalist Papers:

Frederick Douglass speech:

Martin Luther King - "Letter From A Birmingham Jail"

Wendell Phillips, abolitionist:

John Quincy Adams -- opposition to gag rule on discussing

Supreme Court Links

Supreme Court Info:

Northwestern University project site, useful for news and landmark case summaries:

Death Penalty Links

Maryland Death Penalty Information:

Students Against the Death Penalty:

Death Penalty Information Center:

UAA Jusice Center:

US Death Penalty Law:

Reproductive Rights Links

National Organization for Women (NOW):

The National Abortion and Reproductive Rights League Foundation:

Planned Parenthood of America:

National ACLU Reproductive Rights Page:

Abortion Rights - The Feminist Majority Online:

Center for Reproductive Rights:

Clinic Violence - The Feminist Majority Online:

Abortion Clinics Online:

National Reproductive Federation: