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Thanks for your interest in "Know Your Rights" trainings from the ACLU of Maryland! The KYR trainers are ready, willing and able to provide practical and participatory trainings about Marylanders' rights during police encounters. Our KYR staff and volunteer trainers seek to increase knowledge and build power, especially in areas that are policed heavily and where encounters with law enforcement are common. 


KYR trainings cover police interactions on the street, in your car and in your home. A KYR training will provide basic knowledge about street-level police interactions including when you have the right to refuse to speak with police, how to refuse a search, and how to respond if you feel your rights have been violated. Most importantly, KYR trainings provide practical advice for how to get through a police encounter safely, while asserting your rights calmly.


KYR trainings are typically an hour and a half in length and appropriate for groups of 10-50 people of any age. KYR trainings are always free and each training participant will receive a Know Your Rights bustcard and other resources. KYR trainers are trained by ACLU legal staff and are prohibited from giving legal advice or offering representation.


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