Due Process

The due process clause of the Fourteenth amendment holds that there is a fundamental, constitutional guarantee that all legal proceedings will be fair and that one will be given notice of the proceedings and an opportunity to be heard before the government acts to take away one's life, liberty, or property. There also is a constitutional guarantee that a law shall not be unreasonable, arbitrary, or changeable.  

Recent Activity - Legal cases

Muslim ban challenge

Legal case, February 23, 2017

Federal lawsuit challenging President Trump's Muslim ban executive order


ARCHIVE: Hassan Sader vs. American Airlines

Legal case, November 18, 2015

in 2002, the ACLU of Maryland represented a U.S. citizen of Moroccan descent who was removed from an American Airlines flight because a passenger was not comfortable sitting next to him and because his name was Hassan.


Juvenile Curfew

Legal case, May 15, 2014

Extreme, far-reaching juvenile curfew in Baltimore City


Wrongful Nuisance Abatement Actions in Hyattsville

Legal case, December 18, 2013

Prince George's County State's Attorney wrongfully forced two women to sign “nuisance abatement” orders banishing their family members from their own homes and the neighborhood in which they had grown up. The ACLU is urging the prosecutor to dissolve the orders and call off longstanding harassment by police claiming to enforce the orders so the families can be reunited without fear that they will be arrested or that they could lose the homes they own.


Private Prosecution Programs

Legal case, January 14, 2013

ACLU Questions State’s Attorneys About Authorizing Private Companies to Threaten Prosecution For Profit


Maryland DNA collection of arrestees

Legal case, November 27, 2012

ACLU raises privacy, Fourth Amendment concerns about DNA collection without a warrant upon arrest


Automatic License Plate Readers

Legal case, July 30, 2012

ACLU Seeks Details on Automatic License Plate Readers in 
 Massive Nationwide Request