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Crownsville: A piece of Maryland history that shouldn't be forgotten

During the 20th century, Crownsville State Hospital was an underfunded, overcrowded, state-run mental hospital where African-American patients lived in inhumane conditions, experienced mistreatment, and were subjected to experimentation without their informed consent.

Issues: Racial Justice Disability Rights

Why are your tax dollars subsidizing religious schools?

Tell your legislators that public dollars should be used to support public schools.

Issues: Education Reform Religious Liberty

Maryland top of the class in movement to end zero-tolerance school discipline

State is the first in the nation to enact policy changes following the announcement of new federal discipline guidelines around racial disproportionality and suspensions.

Issues: Education Reform Student Achievement Racial Justice Disability Rights Juvenile Justice

Justin Bieber? What about all the other immigrants detained & deported for lesser charges?

Why local Bieber fans should support the Maryland Trust Act

Issues: Immigrants' Rights Racial Justice Police Practices Due Process

Take a Stand! Demand Affordable Housing for All!

Since the housing collapse in 2008, families are now struggling to find affordable housing in Maryland.

Issues: Fair Housing

Your right to protest in Baltimore City just got a lot easier!

In a lawsuit challenging Baltimore City’s rules governing free speech activities in City parks, the ACLU of Maryland has landed another victory at protecting your rights.

Issues: Free Speech Police Practices


As revelations about NSA’s spying program continues, join the ACLU to take the next step in demanding a full investigation of these unconstitutional practices.

Issues: Free Speech Privacy & Technology

Poverty still hits the city hardest

The suburbanization of poverty may be the trend nationwide, but Baltimore still suffers much more than its surrounding jurisdictions

Issues: Fair Housing Racial Justice

Proposed Discipline Regulations Hold Districts Accountable for Racial Disparities

Take action during public comment period to support new school discipline regulations ending zero tolerance policies

Issues: Student Achievement Racial Justice Disability Rights Youth Rights Due Process Juvenile Justice Education Reform School Climate

The Fight Continues: Ending Mass Incarceration in Maryland

With only 5 percent of the world’s population, the United States has 25 percent of the world’s prison population. Learn more and get involved at local events.

Issues: Racial Justice Prisoners' Rights Juvenile Justice Criminal Justice Police Practices Due Process