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Surveillance, Spying, and Political Free Speech

An Open Letter to Governor-Elect Hogan regarding the Appointment of Tim Hutchins to Head the Maryland Department of Homeland Security

Issues: Free Speech Safe and Free Police Practices Open Government

Police Killings in Maryland and Beyond

After a series of police killings in Maryland, and the police killing of unarmed Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, concern about police practices has dramatically increased.

Issues: Racial Justice Police Practices

ACLU of Maryland joins women’s rights groups in support of the Peace Equity Act of 2014

The women of the Peace Corps deserve more from the country they serve.

Issues: Reproductive Freedom Women's Rights

Ebola, history, and Maryland's response to national crises

Maryland's measured response is good policy and also legally required.

Issues: Privacy & Technology Open Government Due Process

“Nowhere to Live Safe”: Moving to Peace and Safety

Opinion editorial by Barbara Samuels, attorney managing the ACLU of Maryland's Fair Housing Program, on "Rooflines."

Issues: Fair Housing Racial Justice Youth Rights

A Tribute to Judge Robert L. Wilkins

ACLU of Maryland honors inspiring "Driving While Black" plaintiff as he swears in as federal appellate judge

Issues: Racial Justice Police Practices

Montgomery County: Lead the way on public campaign financing

The first real opportunity to pass public funding reform in Maryland.

Issues: Open Government Voting Rights and Elections

Harris: Tone-deaf in his district and D.C.

"It’s time for Harris to stop dabbling in D.C. and concentrate on meeting the pressing needs of his district."

Issues: Criminal Justice Racial Justice Police Practices

Gazette Lauded for Editorial Supporting Student Free Speech

"Don't Stand for Pledge Harassment" spoke out about the rights of ACLU client Enidris Suirano-Rodriguez

Issues: Free Speech Youth Rights

Voter Hotline for Primary and General Election: 1-888-496-ACLU

ACLU also offers Maryland Voter Empowerment Cards in English and Spanish

Issues: Voting Rights and Elections