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One Year After the Uprising for Freddie Gray and for Police Accountability

One year has passed since the Baltimore Uprising took center stage following the funeral of Freddie Gray, who was killed by the Baltimore City Police Department. There are many truths related to that day.

Issues: Education Reform Fair Housing Education Funding Racial Justice Police Practices Youth Rights Due Process Prisoners' Rights Juvenile Justice Criminal Justice

The Justice Reinvestment Opportunity

Where is the justice in a bill that raises criminal penalties and ignores racially disparate patterns in sentencing?

Issues: Racial Justice Due Process Prisoners' Rights Criminal Justice

On what's "reasonable" and the breakdown of police discipline

How can police feel so threatened by a shackled man who has not fought back that they don't have to follow General Orders?

Issues: Racial Justice Police Practices Due Process Prisoners' Rights Criminal Justice

FBI infrared and night-vision cameras spying on protestors from the skies?

FBI Documents Reveal New Information on Baltimore Surveillance Flights

Issues: Privacy & Technology Safe and Free Racial Justice Police Practices

For the Irony Files

Medical Licensing Organization Tells Med Student to Pump Breast Milk in Bathroom During Medical Boards

Issues: Women's Rights Reproductive Freedom

20 years in prison for having less than a quarter ounce of pot!?

Ronald Hammond's case sums up so much of what is wrong with drug laws and mass incarceration in America.

Issues: Due Process Prisoners' Rights Criminal Justice

Teleta's story: Demanding answers on police abuse

Police accountability case brought by Teleta Dashiell against Maryland State Police before state's high court

Issues: Racial Justice Police Practices Open Government

Surveillance, Spying, and Political Free Speech

An Open Letter to Governor-Elect Hogan regarding the Appointment of Tim Hutchins to Head the Maryland Department of Homeland Security

Issues: Free Speech Safe and Free Police Practices Open Government

Police Killings in Maryland and Beyond

After a series of police killings in Maryland, and the police killing of unarmed Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, concern about police practices has dramatically increased.

Issues: Racial Justice Police Practices

ACLU of Maryland joins women’s rights groups in support of the Peace Equity Act of 2014

The women of the Peace Corps deserve more from the country they serve.

Issues: Reproductive Freedom Women's Rights